Have Heartが地元でおこなった再結成ショウの様子が凄まじい

先週末、地元ボストンでハードコアバンドHave Heartの再結成ショウが行われました。








フルセット動画を全部見れたわけじゃないけど、#4″Armed Wiht A Mind”が始まる前のMCでEmbraceの”Said Gun”のリリックを引用しながら「ここにいる理由はただモッシュするためじゃなくて、自分自身の中で革命を起こすためだろ」っていってるところに震えあがりました。


Twitterのタイムラインに流れてくる写真や動画を眺めながら、Have Heartはいろんな人たちのヒーローなんやなってこと、そしてヒーローたる所以はこれなんだなってことを改めた感じました。

集まったたくさんの人たちの中には、いろんな理由でもうハードコアのショウから離れてしまった人も含まれるんじゃないかなぁって思ってたら、Triple Bが素敵なツイートをしてたので、それも載せとく。


なんか全然まとまりのない記事やけど、最後にHave HeartのボーカルPatのInstagramの投稿を載せておきます。ハードコアに人生を変えられたと感じたことのある人はきっとものすごくグッとくるだろう文章が綴られてます。


My life changed forever 20 years ago in the summer of 1999 in a small New Bedford AA Center that allowed teenagers to book hardcore punk shows on weekends. But a few weeks before, almost 20 years prior to the exact day that the above photo was taken I went to Warped Tour in Western Mass. I had found punk music by way of my older siblings and became a fan of the big Epitaph bands like Bad Religion & Rancid in middle school. After begging my parents, they rationalized it as a gift for turning 14. I remember driving there while my parents listened to news reports of JFK Jr.’s tragic death, immaturely thinking I was destined for punk culture because a Kennedy died on the same day I was going to a so-called punk event. I couldn’t have been more disillusioned when I arrived. Nothing seemed really at odds with popular culture. I felt like I was at a mall with loud music. Shattering my rosy view of punk more was the giant barrier between the bands & the people. The barriers sent the message that I was socially inferior and too lowly to participate. However, I do remember 7SECONDS talking shit on the the barriers. Other than that, the day felt like a weird shirtless frat house party and I left that day thinking punk culture wasn’t all it was I had dreamed it to be. Thankfully a month later I managed to go to a show at Reflections, a local drug & alcohol free AA Center / HC punk venue. NBHC giants All Chrome were playing. At the show there was no uniform or corporate BS. Just a pedestrian collection of people wearing anything from wool sweaters to spikey leather jackets who chatted b/w bands and sang along SO intensely to an unpopular local band. There couldn’t have been more than 200 people but it felt like 20 million. I’ll never forget that show as I was left with a genuinely welcoming feeling that, for some reason, made me think punk culture was to be taken seriously and curated in a way the kept it distinct from the noise of popular culture. I don’t know if HC always does that, but I hope these HH shows can conjure up similar thoughts & feelings of being welcome and in constant reflective questioning of our world. 📸: @angelaowens

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